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about armplastUAB "ARMPLAST" is a private innovative manufacturing company operating on the market of composites.

The company was established in 2003 and consists of dedicated team of service and product experts with a great experience in manufacturing GRP/FRP products.

The main ARMPLAST products are motor boats, boats and motor catamarans for tourism, pleasure and sports. ARMPLAST are manufactured boats with own brand EMILI and with partner’s brands Pilot and GRP.

Also ARMPLAST are producing wide range of products from fiberglass for automotive and building industry and other products from GRP/FRP.

We export over 90% of our products mainly to Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and others countries.

Our Mission is to make convenient, high-quality and safe products from composite materials.


about armplastUAB "ARMPLAST" operates according to the quality management standard ISO 9001-2015.

All products comply with Directive 2013/53/EU for recreational craft.

Mainly are used polyester resin for wet Lay-up lamination, but the use of epoxy, vinyl ester resins and polyurethane possible upon your request.  We use fiberglass, mats and PVC sandwich materials, but can use carbon, aramid (Kevlar), honeycomb and other materials according to your requirements.

Sport rowing boats are produced by Vacuum infusion.

ARMPLAST uses only major European and world manufacturers’ materials with relevant quality certificates.


about armplast

ARMPLAST continually invests their own funds in the development of manufacturing capacity and model range of products, as well as attracts the special EC fund.

ARMPLAST experts to take part in major trade shows, conferences and training sessions, which allows continuously enhance knowledge and strengthen our relationships with partners.


UAB "ARMPLAST" interested in building long-term relationships with partners and invites interested persons and companies to mutually beneficial cooperation:

1. Sale ARMPLAST products in your market.   We are ready to provide you with advertising support of our products and implement the adaptation of our products to your customers' needs.

2. Joint projects ARMPLAST with boats designers and other GRP/FRP products. You develop CAD/CAM/CAE model and grant us the drawings. We produce prototypes, mould and products according to your requirements.


We are open to consider other proposals for cooperation and are ready to apply all our capabilities to implement them.


Ceslav Cokolovic


Sincerely yours,


Ceslav Sokolovic