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The Emili 405 (In Denmark this boat is on sale with  Joda Jollen Bjørnø 405 brand) is an open dinghy with plenty of beam and stability ideal for rowing and outboard motors. Due to her hull form she is capable of higher speeds with small outboards and can be used in sheltered coastal waters with three crew.

Her hull form is in a simulated clinker style, progressing from a gentle V forward, incorporating flare in the topsides, to flatter sections aft with a slight wedge at the transom to promote early planing and keep trim flatter when running with crew aft (on the tiller). A moulded keel has been incorporated to promote directional stability when rowing.

Stability is excellent for her length with adults or children being able to move around the large open deck with confidence, she can even be used as a fly-fishing platform!

Finished is to a high standard, seating forward, aft and amidships and moulded outboard well aft. Cleaning and rinsing is kept simple with a drain out through a transom drain.

Deck cleats are provided, two aft and one forward for mooring and anchoring, with a separate eye for towing on the stem/bow and two eyes on the trasom.

Technical specification

Length of the hull (m) 4,10
Beam of the hull (m) 1,60
Draft max (m)  0,20
Mass without engine (kg) 110
Crew limit 3
Max engine  power (kW/HP) 7,4/10
Category CE D

Standard Equipment

Three plastic or stainless steel cleats, two oarlock sockets, trailer hook and two eyes on the trasom 

Products tests

Tests of our products starting from 2007 the magazines "Sea Angler", "Total Sea Fishing", "Boat Fishing Monthly", "Boat Mart", "Boote"

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